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Exploring the art of story telling

Intricate character development and attention to detail are crucial for readers to connect emotionally with the story.

Exploring the art of story telling

We all read for different reasons. Entertainment is a significant one. Knowledge and expansion are others. But what makes a book click? When I read a book, I look for a story that will engross me in the days to come. I get lost in the language of the book, immersed in the setting created by the power of the words. Words can make or break a story. The same story told in two different styles can have a completely different impact on a reader. Half the magic is in the story itself; the other half is in the storytelling. How did the author come up with this particular line? How impressive is that metaphor? How did they convey what's written on paper so that I can feel it in my heart? If a narrative's language doesn't profoundly captivate the reader, the writing is weak.

However, words are not the only pillars upon which a story stands. Attention to detail and character development are equally vital. We need to understand the characters, not necessarily their appearance, but their essence. If there's no backstory, it becomes challenging to emotionally connect with the protagonist. One of the most potent ways to establish this connection is by exploring how the protagonist acts/reacts in everyday situations. The character's thoughts and opinions on daily matters can also reveal their inner self. Additionally, understanding a character's depth is enriched by learning what others think and feel about them. Without grasping who they are and why, it's hard to empathize or feel antagonistic towards them.

Another crucial factor is the emotional maturity of both the characters and the narrative. I'm not referring to age or time, but to the depth of feelings and experiences conveyed. When we read a book, we embark on a journey. This journey isn't just about the passage of time; it can trace the ebb and flow of characters' relationships, a coming-of-age transformation, or a pivotal event. Regardless of the narrative's direction, whether positive or destructive, consistent development is imperative.

These are just some of the aspects I'll be delving into for each book I read: what made it resonate and what failed to captivate me. These are my personal opinions, so feel free to disagree 😊.

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